Washing badges

The sartorial jacket must be crafted with high quality textiles. Those are composed by exquisite natural fiber and, in order to let the garment last through the time, it is necessary to follow a few simple precautions.

The first and foundamental one is not to wash the garment in a domestic washing machine but to always rely on a specialised and trusted laundrette.

The second on, and no less important, is to read and follow the washing instructions written on the label sewn on the inside.

Here you have the most common international symbols:
40- bowl with a number inside > it indicates the water temperature


no- Crossed bar > do not wash with water!

no cande- Crossed triangle > do not use bleach!

no cande- triangle with the letters CL inside > bleach can be used

F- circle with the letter F inside > clean dry (light treatment)


P- circle with the letter P inside > clean dry (medium treatment)


arrov- circle with an arrow symbol inside > clean dry (intensive treatment)


no secco- Crossed circle > do not clean dry!

no lav- Square with a crossed circle inside > do not wash with the washing machine!

iron- iron symbol > ironing is permitted (the number of small circles inside the symbol indicates the heat – 1 small circle: light heat, 2 small circles: moderate heat, 3 small circles: lots of heat)

rovescio- Iron symbol with the word 'rovescio' > iron inside out

no iron- Crossed iron symbol > do not iron!

Said that, long life to jackets!

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