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Our production is 100% Made in Italy, it is completely hand-crafted and made in our Laboratory in Milan. There is nothing that is done by 3rd parts or abroad. Our realizations come from our Haute Couture experience and they are adapted, in a modern key, to be up to date. We put the most attention in the quality of the textiles, preferring natural fibers.

Our garments are designed to last through the time. Each cloth crafted will be unique in size, colour, textile and model. Finishing, as well as buttonholes and covered buttons, are excusively hand crafted. Our selection includes the best textiles available.



The most refined, warm and comfortable of all, suitable for classy women's jacket. Amongst them the plain colour ones stand out, available in a large variety of colours.



The classic swish, the light and the unique glares of mikado and the wild silk of shantung, with its characteristic raw weft, uneven and rough.



The classic textiles for summer. They pair up with elastic cotton clothes ('stretch') for a better comfrot.



An artificial fiber, nowadays extremely used because of its characteristics. It is versatile, light, smooth and soft to the touch.



By request, I can propose a list of precious textiles for a unique and special occasion. Embroidery, laces, sequins...

Tailoring Marco Bassani guarantees not to use skins and fur of animals.

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