Silk made flowers


Silk made flowers, that are hand crafted by us in various colours and dtyles, are an accessory that gives a touch of class and personalises your jacket, in whatever situation you decide to use it.

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About Us

The ''Sartigianeria'' by Marco Bassani is a small sartorial laboratory 100% Made in Italy, where women's jackets are designed and hand crafted since 1989.
The same Laboratory manually realises them, custom made and in limited quantities for the most renown boutiques of Italy.
In addition to that, there is a vast selection of unique and particular accessories like the elegant stoles, cockades and silken flowers, all meticolously hand crafted.

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Autumn Trends - 2014/2015

The fashion colours for the running season and the winter that is coming are essentially 4: black, green, red and “pastels”.

The evergreen black now is presented under two points of view: 'absolute' or in contrast with strong and bold dyes such as orange, or shiny and metallic dyes like copper, bronze and gold.
In a renewed bucolic and naturistic feeling, the shades of green come in, from bottle green to the feeble hues of the woods, like fern green and moss green.
An eastern spirit reigns over the shades of reds, with nuances that stretch from orange/rust red to intense, laquered, Bourgogne red.

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Washing badges

The sartorial jacket must be crafted with high quality textiles. Those are composed by exquisite natural fiber and, in order to let the garment last through the time, it is necessary to follow a few simple precautions.

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Commodities badges

Textiles are at the basis of my work and I put a lot of attention to quality.
I try to select the best textile, rigorously Made in Italy.
It should be known that textile fibers fit into three big categories, depending on their origin:NATURAL, ARTIFICIAL and SYNTHETIC.
Natural fibers are found in nature in the form of threads and they are divided into two categories as well:

ANIMALS: wool and silk
PLANTS: cotton and linen (flax)

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